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Guest Book / Re: path
« on: February 17, 2015, 09:42:35 PM »
Hope, I am not sure if you are referring to finding your path in this life or following it. So I will try to touch on both. I do not believe that either one is necessarily easy for any of us.

My belief is that we all have somethings we are here to work on, and in some cases do, and that we all have gifts or skills that can help us along the way. Our path is related to our lesson(s) and likely anything we are "supposed to do". They can of course lie on the same path. For example, one's life lesson could be to learn to overcome their fear of something and perhaps also to help others who are held back by their fears of it. So if they work on overcoming their fears they may find themselves in a position to help others.

Our challenges in life are related to our lessons and our path, and they can be very challenging. If our lessons are difficult ones then we may want to get away from them, doing so takes us away from our path. We can then flounder and drift from challenge to challenge taking us even further away from our path.

However, I also believe that when we are "on our path" we feel a resonance with it, even if it is frustrating and challenging. We can run away from it or embrace it. Finding the will to do that latter is what can make following our path equally challenging, and in some cases quite daunting.

I have noticed that many romanticize spirituality and "personal paths" to the point that they believe it is easy to find and follow them, and that if we do life is all "honky dory". Those that believe this are, imho, do not truly understand life paths nor what they are all about. We are here to learn and that is not necessarily easy. Also, romanticizing it tends to lead people to think that it is fairly easy to do (which it isn't) and that anyone can find their path without too much difficulty (which it isn't). As a result people can get confused and discouraged.

I do not even know my own path in this life, though I do know to some extent my lessons and they are not easy nor have I always liked where they appear to be taking me (which is likely the same for most of us). What I have found is that by working on my lessons my life has taken some wonderful twists and turns that have led to far greater personal growth and spiritual development than I would have had I tried to run away (and likely easier as well, relatively speaking). I have found that sharing what I have learned resonates with me to such a high degree that I believe it is a big part of my path and one of my "tasks in life". It permits me the honour of being of assistance to others while at the same time giving me the chance to continue to work on my life lessons (I suppose I am learning to "take the good with the not so good" lol

I do not know if this answers your question or not, if it doesn't we can continue to explore this here or perhaps move this over to the General Discussions section.

Announcements / New Section - Guest Writers
« on: February 04, 2015, 04:25:04 AM »
Twin Powers website announcement!

When I started the site I had three primary intents.
1- Share what I'd learned over decades of study and research so that others could benefit from it.
2- Create a website where people share their experiences, wisdom and knowledge with others to the benefit of all.
3-Create a community where people could connect with one another.

I believe I have succeeded to a certain extent on numbers 1 & 3 (though there are not as many registered users or members as I'd have liked) but #2 hadn't happened yet. Well, that has changed!!

A couple days ago I added a new section to the site called Guest Writers. Now I am very excited by and pleased to announce that as very early this morning we have added the first Guest Writer and the first essay (there are 4 more to add over the next few days) is up!!

Our first Guest Writer is Puneet Sodhi, and I am truly honoured that she is willing to allow me to do this. I do hope that you all take a moment to go to the site and check out her bio and the first two essay of a series she wrote.

You will find the new item under Extras on the left hand menu (I have provided a link below). When you click on Guest Writer's the list of them will show up below it (only the one for now but hopefully this will grow!!) and when you click a Guest Writer name a list of their posted articles will show up beneath it.

Also, do read the Guest Writer's page as I would like to see this section expand. There is a great deal of wisdom out there that can be shared to everyone's benefit so if you feel you have something to share that would benefit the site, it's visitor's, registered users and members let us know!!

Thank you for your time and here's a link to the new section on the website!!

My best to you all!


The Latest Thought / August 8, 2014 - Being of service to others
« on: August 08, 2014, 10:14:27 PM »
We all know that everyone of us has challenges and issues in life, it is part of the nature of our existence. We can also be looking out and see people doing things we believe are either hurting them or others and want to get to change or help them do so, thinking that will help them and that everyone will be better off.

We may even apply the same thinking towards what we see going on in our community, country or globally. Examples would be wanting to see more people dealing with issues of pollution or global warming or with geo-political issues and so on. The problem is that none of us individually can change any of these things, not for one person, a city, country or the world.

What we can do is work on ourselves. Yes, I know it's an old refrain, but that doesn't reduce the value of it. There are times when I too feel the desire to help others change and to reduce the "wrongness" I may perceive in others or the world. I think it is something that we all experience at times. That said, I do it far less than I used to mostly because I have come to understand that people are doing exactly what they need to be doing, experiencing what they need to be experiencing in their lives. Even the "bad stuff" each of us experiences is part of our growth as sometimes we need that to figure out what we ought to be doing. Also this is one life so there is lots to learn and it takes time ... we cannot learning "everything at once".

We need to bear in mind that focused growth is not a high priority for many even if it may be the case for us. Most are "busy living their lives" and so tend to make "adjustments" as life presents challenges or opportunities to them. There is NOTHING wrong with ... "to each according to their need and in their own time."

Now, that is not to say we cannot help others on their path, though to be effective at it we need to pay attention to a couple of things. One being the work we are doing on our own stuff and second aligning ourselves with a "higher purpose". I wrote about this in the series Awakening Our Gifts (mostly in the last two parts).

You can find the first part of the series at the below link and there are links at the bottom of each to the next part http://thetwinpowers.com/en/awakening-our-gifts-part-1-the-face-of-our-challenge.

By working on ourselves we clear the debris from our own minds and thus our energy field. By doing so we start to "see" more clearly and our intuition and awareness improve. Another benefit is that we reduce our ego and thus our own needs and desires. This is quite important because until we do so we are always operating on what we "think" rather than that "internal knowing."

As we do the first thing we then can start to shift away from the notion of personal will to universal will. That means shifting from serving ourselves to serving ALL. Doing this develops our patience, compassion, sympathy and devotion and our capacity to be unconditionally loving. When we start to move along this path we get information on people that we can use to guide our efforts to help them. We also start to "know" what to say/do and when and when not to do so as to be of the most benefit to others. When we do so this way our words have more power and a greater impact on them. People need to be ready to hear certain things before they can take advantage of "knowledge" for, as they say, to each in their time and according to their needs and not ours.

Purging our wants and desires for others is critical otherwise we are not helping them for their benefit, we are trying to help them through the filter of our own needs and wants. There is another saying worth remembering, namely that "When the student is ready the teacher will come." I firmly believe that when we do the two things I mentioned we are better able to do and be both...

There is a limit to what each of us can do. There is the old story that "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". So, if that is the case then the question is how best to "encourage" them to drink?, that is what can we do to be of greater services to another or others? If we have worked on our own "stuff" and are aligned ourselves as I suggested then we have to, among other things:

Be clearly "seeing" the full situation in the moment
"Know" (using our intuition) what would be their best interests
Understand what they can and cannot do at the moment
Be patient and compassionate with them

And we need to remember their part in the "equation", namely...

Is it the right time for the advice?
        Are they willing to hear the advice?
        Are they ready to hear the advice?
Are they willing to act on it?
Are they able to act on it?

Hence, we must consider what it takes for each of these to be possible on our part and that of others...

When we are willing to be service others...
When our focus is everyone's best interests...
When we are in the moment and not burdened by our overbearing minds/ego...
When we operate from a place of pure compassion and love for others...

... we can help to make the world a better place for All.

What do you think about this topic or about my thoughts on it?

General Discussion / Re: One gift...?
« on: September 29, 2011, 06:56:09 PM »
It is a very good question. Can I post it in FB sometime? I'll attach your name and website

"I would say a gift of compassion toward myself."

That would be a great gift to share, Saida. And I know Kevin Baker would agree with, as do I, "a gift of challenging stagnant thought processes through laughter."

I also agree with the gift one might choose not to share that you have mentioned, for the same reason "I think I also have a gift that I shouldn't share even though sometimes I don't listen to myself and do it.  It is a gift of being able to see some people's landscapes even those that they themselves don't see sometimes. You can't just share gifts unless you learn or develop some skills to do it in a way that sharing make sense to others."

Saida, I try to walk the thin edge between encouraging and pushing others. I am sure there is much room for improvement. I try to remember what I said to whom and why lol so I can at least try to see if I am helping or not. And it is different with different people. What I try to do is get a read on the persons intent and desire. Those that have the desire to make change often need encouragement that their desire isn't misplaced and their intent is correct and for those with the intent and who are working on pushing themselves, I try share with them reasons for finding the desire along with looking for a way to help them clarify and align their intent.

It is those who struggle with both that are the most challenge. The tendancy to elevate the "teacher" is natural, and healthy so long as the teacher works to do two things: first, to not encourage too much focus on the teacher and put the onus back on them to be self relfective, and second to work towards the "student" elevating themselves in their own minds. Both help to narrow the gap they perceive between the teacher and the student. The reason it is is hard is that people are often unsure of themselves and at the same time there needs to be surity in the teacher. This is what creates the gap and why I try to share aspects of my own life so they don't have too many illusions about my "grandeur":)

I do like how you think, Saida! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

General Discussion / One gift...?
« on: July 21, 2011, 01:44:09 AM »
If you could share one of your awareness gifts or had the opportunity to develop one ... which one would it be?

Announcements / Official launch of The Twin Powers Website
« on: May 13, 2011, 06:44:48 PM »
We are pleased to announce that the Twin Powers Website is official open to the public as of Friday May 13, 2011.

It's been a long process to get to this stage and I have not done it alone. I want to personally and offically thank the following people for their contribution to this site....

My wife who has supported me and inspired me to do my best and my brother James, who's designed the logo and entry page and will be doing more artwork over time.

The beta testers - these five wonderful people volunteered to assist me in testing the site and ensuring it was ready for everyone to enjoy. They have spent weeks reviewing the site, essays and exercises and their contributions have been invaluable!!

             Beth Millar, Charles Coe, Christina Wardrip, Massimo Rossetti and Tracy Kolenchuk

My Facebook Friends, who have also been helping me by being so supportive of what I am trying to do and who have providing feedback on my Thoughts of the Day which are generally based on material from this site.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it interesting and benefical

Announcements / Site Related Announcements
« on: May 13, 2011, 06:33:52 PM »
General announcements about the site including new features or material as well as any significant changes.

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